Uplifted at Downfall Creek

Downfall Creek is a National Parks camping area on the shores of Lake Tinaroo near Atherton in North Queensland.

Misty morning sunrise

The camp sites are spacious, each with their own fire pit and privacy screens of trees and shrubs. I thought I was clever choosing a site overlooking the lake but there was a cold wind blowing off the water that made sitting outside an uncomfortable challenge. However the outlook was lovely and when the sun rose the mist hovered over the lake and hung in the surrounding hills. It was quite ghostly, particularly with the curlews calling their mournful song.

Lakefront – not the most comfortable option!

I thought the curlews looked strange when they rested their long legs 🙃

Now for a little bit of history! Lake Tinaroo Dam was originally built to supply water to the thriving tobacco industry in the area. How times change!

An interesting history and a lovely peaceful place to stay. We’d booked for two nights, stayed for three but could easily have spent longer there.

Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you one of the best things to happen while I was there! A young lady rushed up as I was packing to go and said “Rosemary?” I worked with Jessica on the Gold Coast, some 1800 kilometres away and probably close to 20 years ago and haven’t seen her for years – what a coincidence that she would be here and at the same time as me!

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