Rock Wallabies & Random Chooks

Granite Gorge is only a few kilometres out of Mareeba in North Queensland and has been tempting me to stay since I was last in this area four years ago. The campground is bordered by huge smooth rock mounds which are home to the rock wallabies that live in this area.

There were a few of us Solo travellers that got together at Granite Gorge campground for a couple of days before heading off in different directions all over Australia – well, as far as border closures will allow!

Great campfires- great company too!

The farm animals that live here mix freely with the campers and day visitors. Fluffy chickens scratch in the ashes of past campfires…

Fluffy – a camp favourite 😍 So cute!

Peacocks roam around calling their raucous cries …

I’m watching you!

Ducks look at you hopefully for treats …

And the big friendly white pig was let out of its yard for a run …

At one stage I walked away from my van and forgot to pull the curtain across the doorway. Some clever bird saw it as an open invitation and flew in while I wasn’t there. It gave me a huge fright when I returned and I backed away quickly wondering how I would get it out. It was smarter than me and made its flight for freedom the same way it had arrived! No harm done I thought! Wrong! It had feasted on the end of my banana 😂

Granite Gorge will stay in my mind as a wonderful campground. I was so lucky to share it with people I enjoy being with, my fellow Solos.

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