The Wheel Turns…

… at the Herberton Historical Village and a beautiful bowl is made!

Lyle was our wood turner and we were lucky enough to see him start turning a block of flame oak, a timber that he was very excited about working with as it is not readily available.

Flame Oak

Flame oak is quite unusual as the growth fans out from the edge of the tree rather than in concentric circles from its centre. This gives the wood turner amazing grains to highlight but also great challenges as the wood can split easily and destroy what is being created.

We watched this bowl take shape from its very beginning as a block of wood until it was ready for Lyle’s finishing touches. My travelling mate Dave decided this bowl had to be his and although we’d moved on before it was finished it has been collected by yet another of our group and will eventually make its way to Dave’s home.

Almost done!
Smoothing out any rough edges.

I’m sure it will be a great conversation piece and Dave will enjoy sharing the story of its creation.

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