And So It Ends …

Seven days ago our journey across the Nullarbor from west to east began at Norseman and today we passed through

the quarantine checkpoint at Ceduna, symbolically marking the end of our crossing.

Day 7 Crossing Over

We’ve had an eventful week with gale force winds, torrential flooding rain, blue skies and sunshine … just about everything nature could throw at us she did! Despite all that we’ve had a great experience and arrived safely on ‘the other side’ 🚐

We topped off our sightseeing today with a visit to the Penong Windmill Museum, not far from last night’s camp. The display of windmills includes one of Australia’s largest which has a diameter of 35ft!

‘Bruce’ the biggest windmill
Windmill on Wheels
This was different!

This unusual windmill comes from Anna Creek Station that I was lucky enough to visit in 2015. Anna Creek has its own claim to fame being the largest cattle station in the world!

Opened out to catch the wind.

An assortment of windmills 😊

We not only said goodbye to the Nullarbor today but also our fellow traveller Erin who had joined us in Norseman. She has been great company, with her dog Abe, and taught us how to play Sequence. In return we taught her how to play Bush Rummy ♦️♣️♥️♠️ ( which she promptly thrashed us at!)

Day 7 Stats

  • Fuel at Ceduna 47.5 litres @ $2.23 a litre = $106.30
  • Travelled 523 kms since last fuel stop and averaged 9.1 litres per 100kms. Love that tail wind 🌬. Normal economy around 10.5litres/100km
  • Today we travelled only 181kms
  • Our stop at Wirrulla Community run caravan park – $15 a night with power, showers, toilets and laundry. Excellent value!

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