You Rock Me!

Pildappa Rock is like a hidden secret. Everyone flocks to well known rocks – Wave Rock, Uluru, Mt Augusta- and we shared spectacular Pildappa Rock

with just one other young traveller!

The ‘wave’ at Pildappa Rock

Dave, my travelling buddy, took these next two shots of the wave of the rock face. 🤗🚐

Gradual levels made it an easy climb to the top for fabulous views and an appreciation of the different features of the rock, from crevices and water holes, to rock ledges and … geraniums?

Yes, a huge bush of geraniums flashing their bright red flowers against the rocky crevice where they are growing.

On the way – fearless leader!

From the top of the rock we looked over the surrounding countryside of golden wheat fields….

… back down to the picnic area where our RV’s were parked …

… and appreciated all the nooks and crannies of the rock!

Made it!

As we left we circumnavigated Pildappa rock, which was much bigger than it appears from the picnic area, with different planes and levels at each turn.

You can camp over here!
Another couple of travellers enjoying the rock too.

Pildappa Rock is 14 kms out of Minnipa, South Australia, on a good gravel road. As you can see, it’s definitely worth the detour!

After enjoying our rock climb and lunch here we drove back through Minnipa to our destination today, Kimba.

But before we left Minnipa we had to visit this very Aussie building made from an old concrete water tank – and famous among travellers 😂🚐.

Will I make it in time?

Imagine living in a town that’s famous for its Concrete Crappa 😂😂😂

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